Zany Zoo Results

Here you can find the code and detailed results reported in the paper Generating Candidate Busy Beaver Machines (Or How to Build the Zany Zoo). The relevant code consists of the files below. Note that whilst this includes all code used to generate the classes of machines, there is a lot of other code which is not strictly relevant for generating machines.

The format of each entry in these files is as follows.

bb(Number, Machine, Ones, Hops, Status).

Number is the number assigned to the machine during the generation process.
Machine is the list of transitions in the machine. These are Prolog lists, in which each element is in the format t(State, Input, Output, Direction, NewState).
Ones is the number of non-zero characters in the final state reached so far in executing the machine.
Hops is the number of execution steps that have been performed so far in executing the machine.
Status indicates the known status of the machine and is one of going, going(_), halts(_), loops(_), abort, abort(_), blank, target(_)

analyse.plThe code for analysing a specific machine (not strictly relevant).
emulate.plThe code for machine emulation.
engine.plThis the file to consult to run things interactively.
generate.plThe code for generating classes of machines.
monsters.plData file containing the definitions of the known dreadful dragons.
search.plThe code for analysing classes of machines (not strictly relevant).
top.plThis is the top-level file used to generate the machines.
zoo.zipZip file of all the above files.

The results are available in the table below (which is based on Table 1 in the above paper). These are in the form of (zipped) Prolog-readable files. Other formats can be made available on request; please email me for the details.

Update February 2018:I have had some issues with local configuration and space, meaning that the current server for these pages does not allow me sufficient space to make all of these available. I will find an alternative solution, but in the meantime, please email me if you want any of the data below, as unfortunately the links below do not work at present.

Class Size Tnf Free All
Blue Bilby2x236642,048
Blue Bilby3x23,50855,2961,492,992
Blue Bilby2x32,764141,4721,492,992
Ebony Elephant4x2511,14550,331,6482,148,483,648
Ebony Elephant2x4342,51637,748,736--
White Whale3x326,813,197----
White Whale5x2102,550,546----
White Whale2x575,402,497----
Demon Duck of Doom6x2 ≥ 1,540,000,000 (partial)----