The Harlands' Erratic Millennial Caravanserai

Well, it was fun, it was long, but it is long over. Somehow, though, I think the memories will never fade ...

For some, it would be described as a six-month sabbatical; however, given that the five of us have embarked on what is effectively a six-month world tour, that term does not appear to do justice to the experience. We have been generally heading east, like the Magi (although some may claim that this is the only such resemblance!), from Melbourne to Los Angeles (via Auckland for a couple of hours) to New York to London to Singapore to Melbourne again (via Adelaide for a couple of hours), with a stay of about five months in London.

The schedule was:
22nd July -- 7th August California
7th August -- 20th August East Coast of USA
20th August -- 17th January UK
17th January -- 23rd January Singapore
24th January onwards Melbourne

Our address in the UK was:

99 Lucerne Close
Cherry Hinton
Phone: (01223) 411492

Cherry Hinton is a village a couple of miles east of Cambridge, and is a nice small quiet place, though not without amenities, such as a bank, post office, supermarket, library, a few pubs and so forth. There is a beautiful old church, set in a lovely garden which still contains headstones, and it is all very picturesque. The thing to realise is that just about every village round about (and there are quite a few of them) have something similar!

Christmas 1999 Broadcast

To hear about the adventure itself, see the despatches below.

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  4. The Adventure Begins to Continue ...

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