I am not this James Harland, not this one, nor this one (although this suggests that one day when I write The Great Novel, an appropriate pseudonym would be Matthew Lynn :-) and not this one (unless you have some gardening work to be done in North Yorkshire). Edward Harland, the founder of the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, was the brother of my ancestor (my great-great-grandfather, I think), according to what my late father told me. Hence both Sir Edward and my ancestor were sons of Dr.William Harland of Scarborough in England. My great-grandfather, Charles Harland, owned a sugar plantation in Fiji before World War I. Aurelius Harland, brother of Edward, went to Hong Kong, where he died. But which of the sons of William Harland was my ancestor I do not know.

For the origins of the Harland family name, see here.